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JSF Professional Counseling Services offers outpatient counseling services for children, adolescents, adults, and his/her family, which may include individual, couples, and/or family counseling. Our theoretical approach is primarily cognitive behavioral therapy, however, we are versed in a wide variety of theoretical approaches and disciplines including, yet not limited to, family systems and trauma-related therapies. 

Individual counseling
Individual Counseling
  • Are you finally making yourself a priority, focusing on life satisfaction, accomplishment of personal goals etc.? 

  • Do you find yourself struggling to manage all of life's stressors?

  • Are you seeking to discover more about yourself?  Increasing self-awareness and personal growth?

  • Are you experiencing symptoms of depression, anxiety, or trauma-related responses? Are you searching for adaptive mechanisms to manage these symptoms?

If you've answered "yes" to any of these questions, individual counseling is a good starting point for your counseling journey.  Individual counseling focuses on the client's perception and how to live the most meaningful and healthy life. 

Couples counseling
Couples Counseling
  • Are you and your significant other going through a rough patch?
  • Have there been discussions of divorce or separation?
  • Do you and your significant other struggle with communicating?
  • Is there a relationship that you are seeking to try and save?
If you've answered "yes" to any of these questions, couples counseling might be the preferred modality for you. Couples counseling focuses on two clients as a unit, and how the unit can improve communication and conflict resolution skills in order to function effectively within the relationship.

Family counseling
Family Counseling
  • Is your family going through a divorce or separation?
  • Do you find that there are more disagreements and conflict between family members than positive family memories?
  • Have you been struggling to manage your child's behaviors, or finding a way to still relate to and connect with your teenager? 
  • Do you find that your family could benefit from having an unbiased mediator assist in working through a problem?
If you've answered "yes" to any of these questions, family counseling is a good fit for you.  In family counseling, the family unit is considered the client, in which all members are treated equally. The therapist often acts as a mediator and provides feedback, insight, or suggestions about the members' interactions with one another. 

Clinical supervision
Clinical Supervision
Jordan Faiman is a certified supervisor for individuals working towards obtaining his/her  Professional Counseling license. Supervision sessions are 1 hour once a week.  Jordan's supervisees have the unique opportunity to obtain direct clinical hours under his license as a JSF Professional Counseling Services provider.
Please contact us for more information and associated fees. 
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